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Salon Etiquette

  • Do not enter “The Grooming” area at any time. 

  • Clients are asked not to talk or distract any dogs in the salon, including their own until we  have safely returned them to you. We aim to allow dogs from various households to  socialise together during the grooming process. Distracting them could result in an incident  we cannot be held responsible for. 

  • Please do not call your dog whilst it is in the grooming salon 

  • Please be punctual when bringing you dog in for their appointment and collecting. 

  • Should we still be attending to your dog when you arrive please wait quietly, we will be with  you as soon as possible. Should your dog see you whilst we are still grooming it will  encourage your dog to become over excited and due to the equipment we use could result  in an incident that we will not be held responsible for. 

  • We offer a three day correction policy if you are unsatisfied with your dog’s trimming any  corrections will be made free of charge within this time scale.

  • Booking an appointment with Golden Paws Grooming Ltd means you adhere and agree to  the above terms and conditions.


All quoted prices are subject to the following conditions:

  • Dogs that are professionally groomed on a regular basis (between 4-8 weeks dependent on  breed and coat requirements) 

  • Based on basic pet trims 

  • Condition of dog’s coat 

  • Behaviour of the dog 

  • Level of experience of the groomer, prices will vary for senior stylist, junior stylist and The  Grooming Academy Ltd Students. Please feel free to discuss this with us. 

  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure our clients get good value for money, prices are likely  to increase once a year due to the cost of living and increase in utility charges and training  to continue to improve our skills. A notice will be put up in the salon 30 days before the  increase takes place. 

  • Payment must be made upon arrival of your appointment by cash or card only

  • Cheques are not accepted


  • Should a client wish to cancel their appointment a notice of at least a 24 hour period is  required per dog, failure to do so will incur a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the cost of  the grooming fee. 

  • Clients failing to give the required 24 hours cancellation notice and miss their appointment  completely will be required to pay 100% of the cost of the grooming fee and a 20% non-refundable deposit for any future appointments. 

  • Time is allocated to each dog and should you arrive early with out prior arrangement you  maybe asked to wait. This also includes arriving late for your appointment and this may also  result in us being able to hold your appointment and the full fee will be applied as stated  above for missed appointments.

  • Should we need to stop the groom completely due to the welfare and safety of your dog  and us the total balance is still applicable. 

  • Our fee includes our time, our skill, maintenance of equipment, products and utilities. The  cost is adjusted accordingly to the amount of the above used. 

  • Should you arrive late to collect your dog without prior arrangement a late fee will be  charged at the discretion of the management of Golden Paws Grooming Ltd. 

  • Should the event occur that we need to cancel your appointment, every effort will be made  to give as much notice as possible. 

  • We have the right to refuse any dog that deems a problem to us, our staff or other dogs. 

  • We have the right to refuse any owner who's behaviour is deemed unacceptable towards  the whole team. 

  • Owners must advise us when booking your dog’s appointment of any of the following  concerns 

  • Unsociable with other dogs? 

  • Ever suffered any skin irritations or reactions to any products? 

  • Ever been aggressive towards any humans? 

  • Any health issues? 

  • Is your dog easily distracted or overly excitable? 

  • Would you prefer your dog not to mix with other dogs in the salon? 

  • Any fears your dog may have that could be associated with the whole Grooming process. 

  • These concerns may not affect you making an appointment with us but will enable us to  make every effort to ensure suitable staff and preparations are made to deal with your  dog’s individual concerns.


The safety and welfare of your dog is paramount to us. However due to the nature of the  job and the equipment that is used incidents may occur. 

Golden Paws Grooming Ltd will not be held responsible for any incidents that may occur  should you fail to:

  • Inform us of any of the above concerns 

  • If you have not suitably maintained your dog’s coat and it is matted 

  • Should you or person responsible for bringing/collecting your dog to us, distract your dog whilst it is in our care.

The team at Golden Paws Grooming Ltd will always put the welfare of our client’s dogs first,  this may mean removing all of the dogs coat if it is deemed necessary due to the condition of the coat. After care advice will be offered accordingly. A minimum fee of £10 Will be  added to the cost of the groom to cover extra cost for products, skill and time required to deal with coats in this condition. 

We will not clip/shave certain breeds (please ask for further details) due to it being unsuitable for the coat type. Unless a vet has advised it for medical reason (a signed letter from your vet will be required).

Payment Methods

- Cash or Card Payments only

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