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A lesson learnt/A tail of two halves

Our head groomer, Natasha Anderson, fell upon dog grooming as a career, after taking her very matted Bichon to be clipped. She was given a justified telling off for allowing her dog's coat to get into such a state that she had to be shaved back to the skin.

This resulted in Natasha eager to learn more about the job and, more importantly, to make sure her dog was not allowed to suffer again. At the age of 15, she was given the opportunity of a week's work experience at the same salon. She enjoyed every minute and impressed the owner so much that she was offered a Saturday job, which eventually evolved into a full-time career.

Over 28 years, along with her time at The Lady & The Tramp salon, she has developed her skills, experience and passion through her role as a dog warden, qualifying in the City & Guilds Level 3 in dog grooming, ICMG (International Certified Master Groomer) and as a lifelong dog owner.



Golden Paws Grooming Ltd was adopted by Natasha in 2018, with the view to develop the salon into an ICMG UK training provider, offering trainees the opportunity to develop their skills in a salon environment.  Since then the salon has flourished with 100s of regular, satisfied clients and an increasing number of dog grooming courses, which enables qualified trainees to set up their own business or join the Golden Paws team.

The Golden Paws team are committed to providing the highest quality of service to both salon clients and Academy trainees.  The team regularly attend demonstrations, seminars and workshops, expand their skills and qualifications with relevant training such as canine first aid and compete in dog grooming competitions.

Our dog grooming services are tailored to your dog's breed, needs and temperament. 

New customers will receive a free consultation prior to booking, to agree specific requirements in advance, so we can ensure your dog has the best experience possible and put your mind at ease.

Our customer centered approach to dog grooming also extends to our Academy trainees.  Our courses provide trainees with the fundamental skills required to become a professional dog groomer, along with practical experience within the salon and full supervision and guidance from our award winning team.



We believe in a holistic approach with all of our customers, great and small.  Dog welfare is at the heart of everything we do and, whether it's through our salon or training services, we aim to educate people in understanding our core values and enabling them to put them into practice.

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