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  • How long will it take?
    Most appointments are a minimum of 3 hours, this does vary dependent on breed, coat and behaviour of your dog.
  • Do you do nail clipping?
    Yes, it is free of charge when your dog is booked in for a full groom, or £15.00 for a nail trim only appointment.
  • Can I get an appointment at short notice?
    We try and accommodate all clients as soon as possible. To avoid disappointment we recommend rebooking as soon as possible.
  • Can I stay with my dog.
    No, we have a few dogs in at a time and our insurance will not cover owners in the salon area.
  • What is included in a full groom appointment?
    Your dog will be/receive: - Bathed in a salon professional shampoo that meets your dogs skin and coats needs. - Hand dried - Nail Clipping - Ear clean and removal of hair if necessary - Trimmed to a style to suit you and your dogs lifestyle - Finished with a spritz of Doggy cologne
  • Do you do anal glands?
    Yes but this is only offered as an add on to a bath & dry or full groom appointment.
  • Do you offer a discount for multiple dogs?
    No, it still involves the same time, products and skill weather the dogs are from the same household or not.
  • Do you do giant breeds?
    Yes, please contact us to arrange a free consultation.
  • How much does it cost?
    Price is dependent on condition of the coat, behaviour of the dog and the style required.
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